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14U Rebels Baseball is exciting because it showcases the boundless enthusiasm and raw talent of young athletes, igniting a sense of joy and anticipation for the future of the sport.

14U Roster

#2 - Lincoln Nimz

Player Name: Lincoln Nimz

Position: Catcher / First Baseman

Birthdate: Sept. 29 2009

Hometown: Midlothian, TX

Biography: Lincoln is a dedicated 14-year-old baseball enthusiast whose passion for the sport began at the age of 4.
His relentless drive to improve keeps him focused on the game.  Lincoln will attend Midlothian Heritage High School in Midlothian, Texas, and plans to play through high school. Lincoln would like to attend college and plans to major in Business. 

Grades: 3.7 Midlothian – Walnut Grove Middle School
ACT Score:
SAT Score:
Clubs: Junior Honor Society
Community Service: Lincoln helps serve the homeless and assists in the Miracle League of Ellis County twice a month. 

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