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Youth Rebels Baseball is exciting because it showcases the boundless enthusiasm and raw talent of young athletes, igniting a sense of joy and anticipation for the future of the sport.

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What is Rated “R” Baseball?

Rated R Baseball is our take on the fundamental tools of baseball. 

Hitting: This refers to a player’s ability to make solid contact with the baseball using proper technique and timing. Good hitters can consistently put the ball in play and potentially reach base.

Hitting for Power: This skill focuses on a player’s ability to generate significant power when making contact with the baseball. Players with power-hitting skills can hit the ball deep into the outfield or even hit home runs.

Defense: Defense encompasses a player’s ability to field their position effectively. It includes skills such as catching fly balls, fielding grounders, making accurate throws, and executing defensive strategies.

Speed: Speed refers to a player’s quickness and agility on the baseball field. It can be an asset both on offense, where players can steal bases and stretch hits into extra bases, and on defense, where they can cover ground quickly to make plays.

Throwing: hrowing skills involve a player’s ability to make accurate and strong throws. This includes throwing from the outfield to home plate, from the infield to first base, and from various positions on the field to complete defensive plays.

When a player starts or trains privately with Rebels Baseball Club, a standard is created between the athlete and the coach. 
Come to practice as if you were going to be going live in a competitive game.  No Crocs, no shorts, unless otherwise stated prior to practice. 
Next, establish the goals of the player.  Then creating a diagram that encourages the player to break through the ceiling to achieve those goals through their own efforts. 

Our principal focus is to spend time on:

Throwing and Catching: Players are taught the correct mechanics and technique for throwing and catching the baseball. This includes proper arm action, footwork, and accuracy in making throws, as well as receiving and securing the ball when fielding or catching.

Hitting: The focus is on teaching players the fundamentals of a proper swing, including stance, grip, weight transfer, and timing. Players learn to make consistent contact with the ball and develop an understanding of situational hitting and pitch recognition.

Base Running: Players learn the importance of good base running techniques, such as reading the pitcher, taking leads, stealing bases, rounding bases efficiently, and advancing on hits and fly balls.

Fielding: This includes teaching players the fundamentals of fielding ground balls, catching fly balls, making accurate throws, and understanding proper positioning and communication on defense. It also involves teaching different defensive strategies and situational awareness.

Defensive Strategies: Players are taught the basic defensive alignments, positioning, and responsibilities based on game situations, such as cut-offs and relays, double plays, infield and outfield shifts, and defensive communication.

Offensive Strategies: This includes understanding situational hitting, bunting, sacrifice plays, and executing offensive strategies to advance runners and score runs effectively.

We want to help aid your athlete in playing at the next level. 





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