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Rebels Baseball coaches are unparalleled in their knowledge and expertise of the game. Consistently learning how to implement new tools for players for continued development. 


At Rebels Baseball, we believe that achieving success in baseball demands continuous strategizing and keen observation. Our exceptional coaches possess a wealth of intelligence and understanding, always making calculated adjustments to secure victories. They meticulously analyze every angle of the game, closely monitoring the action on the field. With expertise, they assess the hitting tendencies of opposing batters, adapting defensive strategies accordingly. Our coaches possess the astuteness to determine the ideal moments for pickoff throws, the usage of relief pitchers, and the introduction of pinch-runners. They possess the insight to call for stealing bases when facing a slow delivery from the opposing pitcher or a catcher with a weak arm. Furthermore, our coaches excel in constructing batting lineups that optimize run production, ensuring every player contributes to the team’s offensive prowess. At Rebels Baseball, our coaches’ knowledge and strategic acumen fuel our pursuit of greatness on the diamond.

Talent Evaluation:

At Rebels Baseball, our top-tier coaches excel in team building through astute player evaluation during high school tryouts, college recruiting visits, and professional scouting trips. They possess a discerning eye for identifying talented individuals with essential attributes such as robust arm strength, exceptional hand-eye coordination, swift hands and feet, and remarkable core strength. Players with strong arms may be primed for pitching roles, while tall and robust individuals could become our team’s power hitters. Our coaches meticulously seek potential outfielders with strong arms and the agility to cover field gaps, as well as potential infielders who display quick footwork and impeccable fielding skills. With a keen understanding of player potential, Rebels Baseball coaches create a formidable team that embodies the right combination of skills and talents.


At Rebels Baseball, our coaches embody the role of leaders, motivating players to achieve success through fairness, positivity, patience, sincerity, genuine concern, and honesty. They understand that baseball triumphs are achieved through teamwork, where the contributions of all players are crucial. Unlike basketball, where one player may dominate the shots, baseball relies on the collective efforts of all nine batters in the lineup. On the defensive side, successfully making an out often involves the collaboration of three or four players. Our coaches prioritize building a culture & camaraderie among the players and reward players with increased playing time to foster a sense of unity. This approach not only enhances team dynamics but also develops promising talents who have the potential to advance from high school to the Collegiate landscape. Moreover, our coaches demonstrate patience with players and employ strategies to boost their self-confidence, recognizing that self-assured athletes perform at their best. At Rebels Baseball, our coaching philosophy revolves around nurturing both individual and team success, cultivating a supportive environment where players can thrive and reach their full potential.

Meet the coaches

7U - Looking for a Coach
8U - Looking For a Coach
10U - Matt Cousins

Coach Cousins is the head coach of our 10U Club and co-founder of Rebels Baseball

12U - Melo Balderas

Coach Balderas is the head coach of our 12U Club

13U - Looking for a coach
14U - Skylar McMahon

Coach McMahon is the head coach of our 14U Club and co-founder

HS Showcase - Weylan McNally

Coach McNally is the First Base coach of our High School Showcase




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