Rebels Baseball Core Values

#1: Believe –

Believe in the big picture for the player. 
The direction they are collectively going and exactly what needs to be done to get there. 
Believe in the mission and the process of practice will all be worth it. 
Believe that the struggle will pay off. 
We believe in doing the right thing, is the right thing to do! We believe in the following core values, together as a team, both on the practice field, in the batting cages, and on game day. We believe in the incredible athletes and their families that make up this team. 
It is fundamental to our core and we believe in that!

#2: Always be Learning –

Invest in yourself to be better, not only for yourself but for the team surrounding you.
We believe in taking the time to learn new things to better ourselves personally and improve our performance on and off the field.
Learning is critical to growth and performance to have a direct impact on those around us and leave a positive impact on our teammate’s life.

#3: Loyalty –

Above all else, we are loyal.
Loyalty means being there for your teammates.
What we are loyal to, shapes and defines us.
It defines what we believe in and the life we create for ourselves.


Work to build positive and fun relationships wherever you travel.
Quality & Fun relationships are what teams thrive on! Consistently making efforts to build strong relationships among teammates will create strong bonds and lifelong friendships and promotes a sense of community that makes this team great.

#5: Stay Humble –

Practice humility and stay humble when it comes to the process, progress, and your accomplishments.
Staying humble is the key to long-term success.
No matter how great you are in some areas?
There is always room to get better with what drives us to continually invest in ourselves to fulfill our true potential.

#6: Take Responsibility –

Take complete and full ownership of your actions and performance!
When you have self-awareness and identify an issue or are given a task, 
own that and see it all the way through to is completion. 

#7: Lead by Example –

Understand there is no other effective way to lead than from the front!
You cannot teach or expect anyone to follow your lead if you haven’t previously done the work yourself and set the standard on what to do and how to do it!

#8: Take Initiative

Do not wait to be told to do something! When you see something that needs to be done, do it!
Clean up the dugout, hang up your teammate’s bags on the fence, and pick up bases after practice.
Be self-driven and look to constantly push yourself forward to be undeniable.
You can do this any and everywhere.

#9: Be Enthusiastic-

We are enthusiastic about being a part of the club and coaching young athletes.
We believe that when you are enthusiastic about something when something fulfills you, you are much more likely to follow through with it.

Remaining enthusiastic in situations can better help you push through the mistakes, difficulties, and failures in the game as well as in your adult life.

#10: Go the Extra-Mile-

Always strive to over-deliver and exceed your coach’s and parents’ expectations in everything that you do and do it with enthusiasm.
Doing more BP, more fielding work, or pitching practice can make the difference between good results and great results. Invest the extra time, no matter the situation, go the extra mile, and lead for better results.

#11: Be Selfless-

We believe in always doing the right thing and making decisions that help everyone without expecting anything in return.
We need to always strive to give more than we take and constantly audit our intent in any decision-making process.

#12: Be Disciplined-

To be disciplined is to be able to follow through on what you said you were going to do, well after the excitement is gone. You cannot and should not rely on feeling motivated to follow through on promises to yourself.
Stay focused on executing the fundamentals of what has built momentum and success.





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