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Youth Rebels Baseball is exciting because it showcases the boundless enthusiasm and raw talent of young athletes, igniting a sense of joy and anticipation for the future of the sport.

Miracle League Ellis County

What is the Miracle League?

There’s something magical about stepping onto the field and feeling that fire ignites in your eyes. But for those facing physical and mental disabilities, that opportunity can feel out of reach. Baseball diamonds weren’t exactly built with wheelchairs and crutches in mind.

That’s where the Miracle League comes in. We break down the barriers that keep children with disabilities away from the baseball field, allowing them to experience the sheer joy of America’s favorite pastime. We’ve seen that the main obstacles for these incredible individuals arise from the natural grass fields used in traditional leagues. So, we’ve designed our own custom-made turf fields, rubberized and perfect for wheelchairs and other assistive devices, all while reducing the risk of injuries.

But the Miracle League is so much more than just a game. It’s about forging new friendships, building unshakeable self-esteem, and treating everyone as equals. That’s why we’ve implemented a unique “buddy” system, pairing each player with an able-bodied peer. The bond that forms between them is indescribable. We serve children and adults with any physical or mental disabilities, ensuring they no longer feel excluded, whether intentionally or not, from traditional baseball leagues.

It all began back in April 2000 when the first Miracle League field opened its doors in Conyers, Georgia. The word quickly spread, and by 2002, fields emerged in South Carolina, Alabama, West Virginia, Illinois, and California. Today, we proudly stand with over 350 Miracle League Organizations across the United States, including Puerto Rico and Canada. Together, we serve over 450,000 incredible children and adults.

But our ambitions don’t stop there. We have a relentless drive to support local communities in constructing their own Miracle League complexes worldwide.

Sure, our players may not run the bases or hit the ball with the same finesse as some of their peers, but they possess an equal amount of love and determination for the game. And it’s our mission to help them achieve their baseball dreams, one unforgettable moment at a time.


How are the Rebels involved?

Simply put Coach Skylar and his wife Lovie have a nephew who is less fortunate. Austin.
Austin through the help of his grandmother found the Miracle League in Arlington. On Saturday’s these kids would take the field and play the game that we all love baseball.

Austin debuted in the Arlington Miracle League in 2005. We attended every game and watched him thrive in that landscape for years.


As popularity grew around the Miracle League, naturally it grew. With more and more families learning about the program and how it advocated for all-inclusive play despite a player’s ability, this area was specially designed with a unique field, painted bases, and buddies who are patient with each athlete to provide aid in hitting, throwing, running, and encouragement.


Flash forward, maybe ten-plus years, and right here in the heart of Ellis County, the Miracle League North Texas was extended in the heart of our community. Beginning at the fields in Ovilla under the water tower, graduating to YMCA, and after the gracious assistance from Bryan and Chim of the Waxahachie Youth Baseball Association, Volentine field was reconstructed to accommodate wheelchairs, assisted walking devices and so much more. 

Buddies are assigned to Miracles before each game. 


The buddy is there to protect the player from balls, assist the player in batting and running the bases (if needed), and to be a friend on and off the field. Buddies receive a Miracle League Buddy t-shirt for their participation.

Coach Skylar and his son, Hayden have spent years being buddies to several athletes here in Ellis County. We look forward to continuing to serve Miracles here in Ellis County. 





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